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December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays from LV

I'm still getting settled, but so far, so good. Happy Holidays, and a healthy and prosperous new year to you and yours.

December 18, 2008

Learning or Earning

Now that it's approaching the end of '08, I've been thinking about one of my mottos for the year: Learning or Earning. By that I meant, I knew I wasn't happy, I needed to force myself to change, and the simple test would be I would have to either be learning new things and growing as a cook, or making enough money to make it worthwhile. At my previous job, while there were some great aspects to it, and great people to work with, it wasn't really meeting either standard. I felt a little stagnant and underappreciated.

It's funny how life works. A new opportunity came up, and although wasn't looking for such a drastic change, it seemed to meet both sides of the test. I'm learning a lot, in a new environment, with a new corporate culture, surrounded by new people, and also earning a fair wage with full benefits.

Granted, not all aspects of my new situation are as perfect as I'd like them to be. There are still the daily annoyances, adjustments, and compromises. But between the newness of it all, the work itself, and the upward trend, it seems like the right choice.

Learning or Earning. Or maybe both!!

December 14, 2008

Current Challenges 1

Opening a new restaurant.

Hard water, and consequently, softened water.

Low humidity, and consequently, dry skin and spontaneous nosebleeds.

Finding a new local pub.

Finding a new late night taco joint or taco truck.

Elsewise, so far, so good.