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Currently about 11:30am, 24th of November in Penang, Malaysia

Happy Thanksgiving.

I have a renewed appreciation for the opportunities I have received and those still ahead of me, my supportive family, and the many friends I am fortunate to have. I am grateful.

Somebody save me a little turkey, ham and stuffing, would ya?

Last night my buddy took me to a nyonya place called Hot Wok which I enjoyed, then a roadside tea house/Internet cafe/snack stand for a pulled tea.

This morning I got up at 7:30am to partake in the complimentary breakfast buffet in the hotel, walk around in the street market and also explore the wet market down a few blocks from there. I feel very comfortable here in Penang.


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm making a ton of food for tomorrow (no ham, but plenty of turkey and all the trimmings). Be happy to put some in the deep freeze for when you get back, just say the word :-)

Sorry, I was Internet challenged for the last day and a half. Please, oh please, would you save me a taste? I'll bring you back something interesting...

Shoot - very little left. I do have stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, though. Oh, and some gumbo made with the leftover turkey meat. How's that sound?

I could make up some more of my Grandma's rolls, too, come to think of it. Any excuse for more rolls :-)

Hmmmmmmmmmmm...rolls and turkey gumbo... Sounds excellent!

All wrapped up in my deep freeze, along with a wee bit of cranberry jezebel sauce :-)


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