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July 18, 2008

Best Quote I've Heard in a While

We were talking about the process of learning from the chef above you, and how some people get chef gigs at a really young age, and they just haven't had enough experience or just time to figure out how flavors work. Or in some cases, they may know a lot, but they might not make good choices about food. One of my co-workers explaining why he left his last job:

"My last chef had a palate where he kinda liked things that tasted like vomit. Really. Kinda acid-ey, and bitter at the same time - like vomit. Sometimes he would make a sauce, and I thought it tasted like vomit. I had to get out of there."

July 16, 2008

Under $4.50!

Today, I paid $4.38 per gallon for gasoline, and I felt relieved. Just a few months ago, it was $3.79/gallon and it seemed like an outrage. It's the new f_____ up normal. Oil companies act like they're just reacting to market forces, but they're making record profits. If there's anything that Enron taught us, it's that any market can be manipulated, and people will do anything to line their own pockets. Unfortunately, big business is full of bastards.

They broke through the psychological $4.00 barrier, and it won't be long before they see if $5.00 will fly. At least it serves as motivation toward alternative energy.

By the way, the best strategy for saving money in this situation is to fill your tank when you think that prices will be rising (hoarding at the lower price), and filling only a partial tank if you think the price will be falling (giving prices time to fall, and buying it as it falls).