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Today is My Friday

In the restaurant business, it's not always possible for employees to have two days off in a row on a regular basis. Lots of restaurants are closed one day per week, like Monday, so everyone has that day off and another. The people that get Sunday and Monday off, or Monday and Tuesday off have the best schedule, so those are often given to the people with the most senority. Or it may rotate through the staff so everyone gets two days off once in a while.

But in casino restaurants, thanks to unions and big staff, it's expected and required for all employees to get two consecutive days off. Because everyone gets a true "weekend," there's a peculiar turn of phrase, "Today is my Friday" (meaning it's the end of my workweek) or "Today is my Monday" (meaning it's the beginning of my workweek). I often overhear it in the hallway and employee dining areas, in various accents. No matter what the person's native tongue, these specific phrases are what's used to communicate the concept of a personal weekend.


Thank you so much for this post!! My girlfriend works in foodservice so this is really amusing I work in an office environment and we say "Today's my Friday" when were bragging about being off for the rest of the week! I hope you'll check out the following link :)


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