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I'm Bad. I'm Nationwide!*

This is weird and funny and sorta cool. The last restaurant I where I worked, Huckleberry Cafe and Bakery was just listed as one of the Top 10 Best Places for Fried Chicken by Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit magazine. It's a nationwide list, and Huck is the only restaurant in LA that is mentioned. I helped develop that recipe! Congratulations to Zoe and Josh.

Here's another article where we got some recognition for the chicken. There's a photo if you scroll down a bit. Top Fried Chicken in Los Angeles on FoodGPS.com Thanks, Josh!

These lists are fraught with problems, but I'll save the modesty for another time. It's just a cool thing to have happen. Woohoo!!

*ZZ Top reference


Do you guys have a facebook fan page? I searched for one on facebook but couldn’t find it, I’d love to become a fan!

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