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You know what happens when you assume...

Currently 7am in Tokyo.

I had planned to take the first train at 5 am to go to the Tsukiji Wholesale Fish Market, but I realized that I didn't even have enough cash to buy the ticket, so I slept in 'til 6am. Being a holiday yesterday, I couldn't go to a bank. I haven't had much luck with the ATM's either, none of which seem to take any of my cards. Bank ATM's seem to be closed between 9pm and 6am, so I guess I'll find out.

There are far fewer Internet cafes and hotspots than I had imagined as well. I spent all yesterday lugging around the laptop expecting to find some. Not today. Could just be this area, but I'm not sure. There's a lot of gaming and pachinko slots around, but only two Internet lounges, which were pay by the hour and didn't accept credit cards.

Also, my BlackBerry doesn't find any networks, so that's been a craw-sticker. Good thing I gave up information technology... my good computer mojo might be gone.

I had a good run.


Isn't trying to find ATMs exciting and fun? I still remember combing the streets of London trying to find any machine that would allow me to visit my money and perhaps touch some of it as well. Ah, the joys of traveling :-)

i am so glad you are there and all is well. finding atm's is al part of the fun. too bad you lost you IT mojo though. maybe smoke signals would work! xome

Thailand is so much easier for getting money. Star and Cirrus at all ATM's. For Tokyo, get cash at the airport, exchange traveler's checks during business hours at a regular bank, or make ATM withdrawls at CitiBank in Ginza district. Someone mentioned ATM's in post offices, but those aren't Star or Cirrus. Redundant, but businesses don't do PayPoint transactions, either.

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