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Gyoza Stadium

I met up with prasantrin from eG for dinner. She suggested the Gyoza Stadium, which is a gyoza themed food court - all gyoza, all the time. The Japanese, being very hierarchially minded, have compiled and categorized all the many variations of the gyoza, and put them head to head in a gyoza deathmatch. Or something.

We agreed that a sampling from as many vendors as possible was the best route, so she took one side and I took the other. Here's what we came up with, clockwise from upper left: sudachi citrus, sea salt and pepper with gyoza, pizza gyoza with tomato sauce and cheese, panfried gyoza with two sauces, miso and yakisoba (?), crispy gyoza with yuzu-koshou, gyoza with crusty crepe effect and chili sauce, and SE Asian style gyoza with lettuce leaf wrap.

I think the sudachi and yuzu-koshou versions were our favorites. The others were quite serviceable, however, the pizza gyoza almost made prasantrin rethink her "Cheese makes anything better rule." Almost.


About to dig in, and all smiles.


The Japanese, having a fascination with the absurd charitably described as Fellini-esque, have found a mascot for the gyoza stadium.

Yes, those are animal paw mittens and two suction cup banner antennae stuck on his bald head.

The Japanese are well aware of their skin tone.


prasantrin, thanks for meeting me on such short notice and for choosing the gyoza stadium. You certainly know your stuff!


I love the mascot! Did he sing or otherwise call attention to himself, or just wander?

He would chit chat with people, play with kids, bus tables, and pass out those wetnaps. Such a contrast to the stereotype of the staid, straightlaced Japanese. When they let go, they really let go.

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