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I thought this was the dry season...


Currently 5:37pm on Sunday afternoon in Bangkok.

The sky blessed us with probably over an inch of rain in about a 2 hour period.

Earlier, I was fortunate to have been guided around Chatuchak Market, the largest market in Asia, with over 15,000 vendors. They have everything from handicrafts to flatware to bronze statues. Gigantic.

Tonight, I'm having dinner with friends and relations of my business partner, Jet.

I also created an entry for my first evening in Osaka.


wow, tado sounds like sensory overload! is it super hot?

It was quite warm those first few days in Bangkok, about 90F and somewhere around 85% humidity.

I feel overloaded by Bangkok. I've had my fill of it, so I'm trying to limit my time there. For the rest of it there's just so much to absorb, but as much as I would like to just Go! Go! Go!, I try to remind myself to be realistic about what I can really see in this amount of time and with the resources I have. There'll definitely be more travel in my future, so if I have to save a few things for next time, so be it.

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