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In case you thought I was in Pacoima...


This Buddha is about 40 meters tall. From this picture, my neck would be about 20 meters wide. Note to self, take more than one shot...

Currently 5:55pm, Monday, November 14th.

I just added new entries for shopping at Doguya-suji in Osaka having dinner at Gyoza Stadium and my day in Kyoto.

I had a nice meal last night with Jet's peeps at a restaurant on the river. I'm leaving Bangkok tomorrow morning for an area outside of Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I'm told it's near the Three Pagodas and the Bridge on the Kwai River. There won't be any Internet access out there, so I'll just blog to myself for a few days. After that, Penang, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.


It's Tad! In an actual picture!!! You look mahvelous.

I think I saw that Buddha in Pacoima... ;)

Can't wait till your posts catch up with your meals.

Ah yes, finally signed up. It's good to be validated... Nice to see you! Hope all is well. Looking forward to pix of food too! Miss your mug!

Holy shit! Look at the size of that Buddha! Bigger than Godzilla. Look out Toyko.

Korp kun krop! Thank you!

Oh, no!! There goes To-kiyo!!

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