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Scouting Kappabashi

Kappabashi is a shopping district specializing in restaurant equipment and supplies. My purpose there for the first day was to familiarize myself with the area, what's available, start to get a sense for what things cost, especially with regard to knives and specialty cooking gadgets.


Since the Japanese tend to be early risers, I thought it odd that many of the places were closed, but I just plowed ahead. This shop featuring knives and various grills began business in 1920, I believe.


These are brands that are heated on a stove or with a special tool, then used to mark things like Japanese omelettes, buns, etc.



Got bowls?


This is the "hammer" and mortar used in the traditional method of making mochi.


With certain things, I'm methodical, with other things, not so much. In this case, I had my system working, and I went all the way down one side of the street, and was about to turn back along the other side, when I saw...

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