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National Holiday?!?

Currently almost 5pm Tokyo time.

I hate showing my ignorant traveler side, but uhhhh, it's some kind of national holiday today. Not knowing this, I headed over to Kappabashi, the restaurant district, which is only two stops over on the Ginza line from where I am.

I figured something was up when it was 9am and the only places open were convenience stores - and I've always heard that the Japanese tend to start their day early. Then 10am came and a few shops opened up, but at least half were closed. Luckily for me, the two of the larger knife stores in the area were open today. Besides eating, buying pro quality knives is the reason for this leg of the trip. Today was a scouting day anyway, just getting familiar with the area and figuring out what things cost, etc. Actual purchasing will be another day.

The holiday would also explain the other happening today, which won't play well without pictures, so y'all will just have to wait for it!! Ooooh! Suspense!

It was overcast almost all day today, but being here is just amazing. I'm getting by with the few words and phrases of I know in Japanese, watching and copying other people, assuming meaning by context, etc.


Get those pics up soon!... for your holiday reference http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2062.html

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