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And so it begins. I am on the ground in Tokyo, posting from a terminal in the hotel. Will try to find a Internet connection in the morning. I had a plush flight on Singapore Air (highly recommended!)and smooth transport via train to the Ueno area, and the hotel is literally across the street from the station exit.

Local time is about 8:30pm, 17 hours ahead of PST.

So far, so good!


Can't wait for an update and much more importantly pictures! How's the jet lag with such a long flight and time zone change?

What the hell? You left town and didn't pay me my $20?
You better not come back to the USA buddy.

Considering I only had two hours of sleep the night before flying, I slept quite well on the plane. I forced myself to stay in bed until 6am Tokyo time, to transition to the time change. Seems to be working.

Lots of picture taking, but not much picture uploading due to nonfindability of WiFi.

Iqbal, I'm staying for an extra month on that 20 bucks!!

Tadley! Horray!!! I'm loving your updates!

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