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In a place far, far a-Hue...

Currently, about 7am, Friday the 23rd in Hue.

I had a relatively short and uneventful bus trip from Hoi An to Hue, making a brief stop in Da Nang to pickup a group of touring Aussies. We took the new tunnel through the pass, which was impressive for its length (6km?), but not much else.

I'll be exploring the local market and food stands this morning, then I'll probably get a massage and do some sightseeing in the Citadel area in the afternoon.


missing you tad. when do you get back???

Thanks, bro. Scheduled to return in mid January.

Hi There Massage Boy,

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!! I'm getting ready for my party and it's just not the same without you! All the food you're shooting looks so good. maybe i'd finally like coffee if it had sweetened condensed milk in it!
Can't wait for you to get back and show me some new tricks in the kitchen.


Thanks, partner! Sorry I can't be there to help out and enjoy your party.

I haven't cooked anything for almost 2 months!! I'm jonesing to try out some things I've learned. Happy Holidays!

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