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Temple of Literature

I tried to do the right thing and go to a restaurant called KOTO that helps street kids learn how to work in restaurants. But they were closed. I ran into some folks that I had met on the boat in Halong Bay, who had also looked for the restaurant. They mentioned that the Temple is just across the street, which I had read in the guidebook, but of course, I was focused on getting to the restaurant. Most people go to the Temple of Literature, and happen upon the restaurant, but I'm backwards. There's no food in this entry.

The temple functioned as a university, serving as a collection of knowledge engraved into large tablets. I think it was founded in 1078 AD.


Throughout Vietnam, I've been surprised by the number of large bonsai as decorations in public spaces, as landscaping at businesses, and even at private homes.



Here's a pretty interesting specimen. The aerial roots obviously had been groomed over that gateway arch - each side has a small hole in the sidewalk for the roots to go into the ground.


Same tree, on another side - detail of the roots covering the wall.


This dragon motif is on each side of the roofline of several of the buildings.


I'm embarrassed to say I'm not sure what the stork/crane on the turtle signifies.


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