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Currently about midnight, Sunday night the 15th of January in Los Angeles, California, USA.

All things considered, fairly smooth flights home. Amy was nice enough to pick me up at the airport. I'm gonna try to force myself to sleep now to get back on the right time.

Thanks for all the kind words. Stay tuned for more entries filling in the blanks and some postscript thoughts about my trip.

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Welcome home, Tad! Bet it's nice to be back to familiar surroundings and your own bed.

Welcome back Tad! Hope we can get together soon... soujoukh yev havgit!

Wow! What a journey. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Looking forward to your postscripts, not to mention more news about your project.

Thanks! I've been back for four days, and I still get really sleepy in the afternoon, when it's about 4am in India. The familiar surroundings are comfortable. The contrast of my apartment full of stuff and what I've seen in some of those countries is definitely making me think about a few things.

Of course, it's been great reconnecting with people. I don't want end up being that guy that can only talk about his trip and how crazy things are "over there". Fielding some of the questions has helped me realize what kinds of things people are interested in, like most favorite and least favorite ______, craziest experience, etc. I'll be writing about those sorts of things soon.

There's an odd time warp effect of having been away and for me it doesn't feel as long as it was, yet clearly a lot has happened around here to some people in the meantime, and yet others have just continued in their routine.

Soujoukh yev havgit is something I've had really bad cravings for!! Soujoukh is Armenian sausage and eggs, eaten with fresh pita. And some chikufteh on the side (beef tartare with bulgur). My favorite place for these things is Sahag's Basturma in Hollywood. I wish it was open RIGHT NOW.

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