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Part of growing up in Hawai`i, and Japan I suppose, is the concept of bachi. It's similar to the Western concept of jinx, but there's an additional connotation of "it's your fault, and you deserved it, you were talking big and it happened to you." And maybe a dash of karma payback, but on a very immediate timeframe. On the playground, maybe one kid was making fun of another kid for being clumsy, and he trips and falls down himself. The other kids take great joy in yelling, "Bachi!" Or maybe a child is being stubborn (Me? Never!), and he or she doesn't get to do something fun. "Bachi!" There's a social humilation aspect to it, and it's one of the ways that kids are kept in line - not just by parents, but by their peers as well.

So a few days after my last entry, I burned myself in the palm of my left hand, about the size of a quarter. This is the hand that I used to hold things while cutting them and to move pans around, so it was really inconvenient.


It's not a terrible picture, but if you don't want to see it, stop reading here.


What happened was I was rushing, and dropping fish filets into a frying pan with about a 1/2 inch of oil in it. To be safe, I should have flipped them away from me so the splash goes in the other direction. But of course, I was careless, and a good blob of oil got me in the palm. It hurt like heck. At least it was toward the end of the night.

For the next week or so, I had to work with bandages and gloves, which really sucks. When not at work, I would leave it uncovered to let it dry out. This picture is about day 5 or so, after the baby skin underneath was at least sealed, but still very tender.

I don't recommend it.


So you tell us this story, opening yourself up, but all along the underlying moral-of-the-story is that we shouldn't make fun of you for doing something... um, not so smart... in fear of having Karma set us straight. :-)) I love it! Hope the hand is feeling better!!

Originally I was thinking that I bachi'ed myself. Me not smart.

Make fun of me at the risk of your own bachi, but I certainly deserved this one from the trashtalking in the http://www.foodzealot.com/archives/2006/04/not_so_distant_early_warning.html post.

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