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New Category: Back of House

I just created a new category on the site called Back of House. This comes from the fact that the simplest segments of restaurants are the Front of the House (the dining room) and the Back of the House (the kitchen). The abbreviations for these are naturally enough, FOH and BOH, so it's common to say Back of House without the article "the." As in, "Fredro is a back of house guy - he doesn't do so well with customers."

There'll be a lot of overlap with the Cooking category, but I wanted to be able to separate the entries about restaurant kitchens from those about food and recipes. Some of the entries I have planned for this category are:
An Unabridged Glossary of Mexican Slang for Cooks
The How's and Why's of a Cook's Uniform
Knives, Spoons, and Gadgets - contents of my knife kit

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